paintball guns

Get the most from your Paintball Gun

Keep your rifle clean.

Every game make Sure It’s free from mud or any paint:

Your rifle hopper stores the paint pellets and then feeds them to the gun violation — it has to be dry and clean indoors. In case you’ve been leaping around (or dropped over) you might have let a paint pellet explode within your hopper.

The pellets will be coated which makes them stick together and contribute to weapon blockages and misfeeds. After every match, have a glance within your hopper — when there’s paint indoors, choose the hopper off your rifle and take it to the Neutral Zone (the hopper perhaps not the rifle ).

Catch some tissue and wash up the interior of the hopper and of the pellets.

If your rifle gets muddy, it can be tricky to grip and can also block the gun from working.

Do not Scavenge for Paintball Pellets from The Ground

It is always tempting to paint pellets which were dropped or which were fired. These seem like pellets that are free however they will bring about a weapon that is jammed.

This absorbs water very quickly and contributes to soft pellets (they’ll only bounce off) along with the pellets will begin to swell (they eventually become bigger and will not fall through the hopper or else they won’t fit the rifle barrel).

If a couple of pellets dropped if you’re loading your rifle and they’re still clean and dry, then they’ll be nice to use — leave them when they fell right into a puddle or sand.

Do not run out of gas

Compressed carbon dioxide gas powers the Tippmann guns. Every gun is fitted. The pellets will begin to fall speed After the gas begins to run outside. If it happens, make sure to request a marshal to confirm the gun and when it is running low they’ll fit a gas tank.

Each time not is applied to by the 800 shots per tank. A frequent problem is individuals dry shooting the gun (firing the rifle without and pellets) if they’re walking back out of a match / from the goal range. Should you dry fire the rifle 50 times after every game it is really frustrating as you can not fire at anybody.

The gas tank has a valve. Fiddling with this round knob won’t make your gun more powerful, but can possibly prevent the gas from hitting the valve.

Quick Fire

The Tippmann gun may shoot 8 and between 5 shots per minute — at the heat of conflict most gamers will handle a second to 3 or 2. The gun is semi-automatic, meaning after each shot the trigger has to be permitted to go before the rifle will fire you can’t simply hold down the trigger!

It’s challenging to get you time right, unless you’re utilized to squeezing a trigger. These tips may be helpful:

One shot which hits the goal is far better than ten shots that overlook. Quick firing isn’t crucial — it may confuse the competitors (and look cool for your mates), however, the match is all about shooting on the opponent.
If you’re trying hard to shoot the gun fast, consider using your middle finger rather than your index finger. It has a tendency to be quicker and more powerful.

Make sure your paintball pellets are feeding properly to your rifle. Gravity must permit the pellets to stream down to the gun from the hopper.

If you’re leaning around a barricade, together with the gun on the side, then the pellets are not likely to run uphill — that the rifle is likely to create a sound (dry shooting ) however no pellets will probably emerge.


You’re not likely to reach anything If you don’t aim the gun. Firing from the hip may appear good but in fact, all over the area wills fly.

The gas bottle on the rifle forms an perfect gun inventory that stabilizes the rifle and also fits in your shoulder. Look along the surface of the barrel, which will serve as a great guide. Fire a shot, and see. If the target drops aim somewhat higher.

This practice of”walking” your pellets on the target has become the very best technique. It’s possible to get at least two pellets at one time from the air, watch where they’re going and make adjustments to hit your target.