How to Pimp Your Skateboard in few easy steps!

Maybe you’re looking to make your skateboard stand out in the crowd, or maybe you have a skateboard-mad son/daughter/friend/partner and you want to treat them to a little something special. if so, then here are the Skateboards of Choice guide to pimping up your skateboard ride.

how to pimp a skateboard

Grip tape:

The most obvious place to start is with the most visible part of the board, the grip tape. Most grip tape is black, as I’m sure you know. But how dull is that? What a missed opportunity to add a little color to your set-up. A lot of decks these days have a design on the top of the deck as well as below, so if your deck has a cool graphic on top, why not show it off with some clear grip tape from Enuff – this will allow the graphic to show through. And don’t worry if you’ve already covered the graphic up with standard grip tape – most grip tapes can be removed without damaging the graphic.

If your deck does not have a graphic on the top, why not go for some colored grip tape? A lot of people tend to color-co-ordinate with grip tape, so if you have blue wheels, why not go dor some blue grip tape to keep the theme going? There are loads of other grip tape ideas out there – Mob grip tends to do tie-ins with all the big skateboard manufacturers, and we have lots of them in stock at all times.

Mounting bolts

Another great idea is to nab yourself some colorful mounting bolts. Shortys have lots of bright colors available, including a glow-in-the-dark option. Or Fracture does a great multi-colored bolt set.


There’s not much that can be added to a truck to pimp it up, but it might be worth thinking about upgrading the bushings (the circular rubber bits in the middle of the truck). Most trucks are built using standard-issue bushings, but they are available in different hardnesses for different styles of skateboarding. The market leader in bushings is the Khiro Hardcore Bushing and we have a good selection always in stock.


A few years back virtually all skateboard wheels were a boring old white color. Now brands like Hubba and Spitfire are bringing in bright colors and often providing four different colors in one set. Enuff also do a great glow-in-the-dark wheel for skateboarding fun at night!

Tail Devils

Tail Devils are a fun way of adding a bit of flair to your set-up. The tail devil creates sparks when it comes in contact with the ground, giving you a way-cool Evel Knievel (look him up) feeling every time you flip the board!

We hope this guide has given you some inspiration the next time you are buying a skateboard for a loved one (i.e yourself!)

Get the most from your Paintball Gun

Keep your rifle clean.

Every game make Sure It’s free from mud or any paint:

Your rifle hopper stores the paint pellets and then feeds them to the gun violation — it has to be dry and clean indoors. In case you’ve been leaping around (or dropped over) you might have let a paint pellet explode within your hopper.

The pellets will be coated which makes them stick together and contribute to weapon blockages and misfeeds. After every match, have a glance within your hopper — when there’s paint indoors, choose the hopper off your rifle and take it to the Neutral Zone (the hopper perhaps not the rifle ).

Catch some tissue and wash up the interior of the hopper and of the pellets.

If your rifle gets muddy, it can be tricky to grip and can also block the gun from working.

Do not Scavenge for Paintball Pellets from The Ground

It is always tempting to paint pellets which were dropped or which were fired. These seem like pellets that are free however they will bring about a weapon that is jammed.

This absorbs water very quickly and contributes to soft pellets (they’ll only bounce off) along with the pellets will begin to swell (they eventually become bigger and will not fall through the hopper or else they won’t fit the rifle barrel).

If a couple of pellets dropped if you’re loading your rifle and they’re still clean and dry, then they’ll be nice to use — leave them when they fell right into a puddle or sand.

Do not run out of gas

Compressed carbon dioxide gas powers the Tippmann guns. Every gun is fitted. The pellets will begin to fall speed After the gas begins to run outside. If it happens, make sure to request a marshal to confirm the gun and when it is running low they’ll fit a gas tank.

Each time not is applied to by the 800 shots per tank. A frequent problem is individuals dry shooting the gun (firing the rifle without and pellets) if they’re walking back out of a match / from the goal range. Should you dry fire the rifle 50 times after every game it is really frustrating as you can not fire at anybody.

The gas tank has a valve. Fiddling with this round knob won’t make your gun more powerful, but can possibly prevent the gas from hitting the valve.

Quick Fire

The Tippmann gun may shoot 8 and between 5 shots per minute — at the heat of conflict most gamers will handle a second to 3 or 2. The gun is semi-automatic, meaning after each shot the trigger has to be permitted to go before the rifle will fire you can’t simply hold down the trigger!

It’s challenging to get you time right, unless you’re utilized to squeezing a trigger. These tips may be helpful:

One shot which hits the goal is far better than ten shots that overlook. Quick firing isn’t crucial — it may confuse the competitors (and look cool for your mates), however, the match is all about shooting on the opponent.
If you’re trying hard to shoot the gun fast, consider using your middle finger rather than your index finger. It has a tendency to be quicker and more powerful.

Make sure your paintball pellets are feeding properly to your rifle. Gravity must permit the pellets to stream down to the gun from the hopper.

If you’re leaning around a barricade, together with the gun on the side, then the pellets are not likely to run uphill — that the rifle is likely to create a sound (dry shooting ) however no pellets will probably emerge.


You’re not likely to reach anything If you don’t aim the gun. Firing from the hip may appear good but in fact, all over the area wills fly.

The gas bottle on the rifle forms an perfect gun inventory that stabilizes the rifle and also fits in your shoulder. Look along the surface of the barrel, which will serve as a great guide. Fire a shot, and see. If the target drops aim somewhat higher.

This practice of”walking” your pellets on the target has become the very best technique. It’s possible to get at least two pellets at one time from the air, watch where they’re going and make adjustments to hit your target.

Bring Technology on your Travels

What new technological advancements are currently coming to the travel industry in 2019? We’ve piled up ten of our favorite tech stories from the year to look ahead to some very exciting changes.

No more traveling illness

You’ll be able to read on journeys without any feeling ill with Seetroën glasses.
These odd glasses may not seem too fashionable but for a person who frequently suffers from motion sickness they might develop into the ultimate travel accessory.

Produced by Citroën, the fluid at the rings produces a fictitious horizon line, eliminating the signals between your ears and eyes which produce motion sickness. They work for 95% of people within 12 minutes of placing them .

Book a flight using an Instagram screenshot

It’s possible to book a flight using just an Instagram screenshot.
In case your Instagram feed frequently inspires one to traveling, 1 airline has made it easier than ever to follow through with their brand new booking function.

EasyJet’s Look&Book is a search feature which allows you to upload screenshots taken from Instagram with a single tap. The app will locate the best path to take and provide you some flight choices. Currently running and up for Europe along with North Africa, the airline expects to boost that when it includes Pinterest and Snapchat performance.

Protect your spine while trekking

While trekking, hiking or even cruising, new technology means this ‘floating’ backpack may make the adventure more comfortable.

The HoverGlide come in three sizes and uses suspended load technology using two frames to keep the back at a continuous height reduce the impact and enabling people to move without exerting more energy.

Rest and rejuvenate during airport transfers

Tired of drifting aimlessly throughout airports? The AirPod would be the alternative.
If you are on a very long layover, you may not need to shell out for lounge access for some privacy and a rest with these futuristic appearing pods.

The very first, the AirPod is really a capsule with a comfortable chair that turns into a room for the luggage a bed and also to control your apparatus, with Wi-Fi and Netflix to enjoy. Yours for US$15 a hour, the organization hopes to have the initial 100 pods installed airports in the first quarter of 2019.

A more compact version of the pod is your Somadome, a high-quality meditation stall with color treatment and binaural beats designed to soothe and relax you. There are configurations which help increase your focus and therefore don’t be shocked if you see one at a airport shortly and handle jet lag.

Never Forget a place when employing your sunscreen

The SnappyScreen can cover a user in sunscreen in ten seconds.
Get full-body protection against the rays of the sun courtesy of this booth.

SnappyScreen is a touchless program system which mists your entire body at the same time you rotate onto a platform. You’re going to be coated in sunscreen and you’ll not even have to rub on it all in. They are currently popping up in some luxury resorts across the planet.

Beat security times at US airports

It can be tough to get the time right for security queues and often your guesswork is wrong, leaving you with too much or too little time at the airport.

Presently a new attribute on the program TripIt will provide you advance understanding of how bad the queues are at some US airports.

Go on holiday with virtual reality

Customers sit in a room made to look equal to a plane.
Even a virtual reality airline intends to simulate each component of a holiday so you can take a mini-break in only under 2.5 hours per day.

On your trip with First Airlines, you’re going to be taken care of trained flight attendants who’ll serve you with a distinctive menu to reflect the destination you will be almost flying to; you also can choose New York, Paris, Rome and Hawaii. After you’property’, you visit with landmarks and can avail of 360 degree tours.

Zip round town with an electric skateboard

Image Credit:

The artists of those Volocopter are hoping they will go in the marketplace in 2019, which could mark the beginning of a new age of transport in cities.

With powerful test flights at the tote and having secured a permit to fly in Germany, the drones are completely powered by electricity and can fly for 30 minutes.It might help alleviate traffic and congestion issues and can be piloted while flying or liberally.

Gain access to a Number of the planet’s most lavish hotels for Just a Couple hours

You will have a high-end choice if you find yourself in a city in dire need of a nap, shower or only a lot of privacy.

Recharge enables luxury hotels or private apartments to offer their space out for a few hours at one time. Currently operating in New York and San Francisco, so much it has been employed by salespeople, company people and frequent travellers for a modest luxurious personal moment.

Do not wash your underwear for months

The brand new underwear doesn’t need to be washed for weeks. Basics
It’s not meant to be gross, it’s supposed to be effective for your own packing. Honestly.

Organic Basics promises their assortment of SilverTech clothes isn’t only environmentally sustainable, it’s”NASA-inspired” technology to maintain clothes free of odours and germs, meaning you will not have to clean your underwear for months , saving water and carry-on space.


Lofoten is a paradise for bicycling. Every bend and curve is a new and unexpected experience.
Sunshine or rain, storm or quiet; there is always something majestic and
different in this archepelago giving every weather type its own and special impression.

  The bicycle track are not only varying, but are mainly easy without to many steep hills.

  Kræmmervika Rorbuer welcomes every bicyclist.  
We are hosting the bicycle ferry between Ballstad and Nusfjord.
This ferry was established on our initiative to give an alternative rout
to the long and uncomfortable underwater tunnel between the islands of Vestvågøy and Flakstad.

Without increasin the distance, you will also visit two of the most beautiful fishing villages in Lofoten.

  If you want to explore our island by foot and bicycle on less trafficked road, we are a good alternative.

Please, contact the reception for more info.

  See our bicycle poster.

Bicycle ferry Info:

  The service is run by a local fisherman.

During the period 15 June – 15 August the schedule is:
Departing Ballstad (at our reception) 1300 – Nusfjord 1345.
Departing Nusfjord 1400 – Ballstad 1445.

The price is NOK 215,- pr person one way. Children below 12 years half price.

Reservation must be done to our reception the day before by 1900,
as the ferry will only depart with a minimum of 4 pax onboard.

For more info see info-kiosk 


Deep sea fishing is exciting and give a different kind of recreation in
a stunning environment. Lofoten can offer a wide variety of fish,
and all the fishing areas are within 30 minutes from our facilities
at Kræmmervika, Ballstad.  We have new and stable boats at our floating pier. Close by you
find our filleting station and room for storing equipment and
freezers for your catch.

We rent out the following boats for our Angler tourists:

Boat nr 1:  19 ft aluminium boat/40 HP 4 stroke engine, max 6 pax.
NOK 4500 pr week  ex petrol.

Boat nr 2/3:   16 ft aluminium boats /10 HP 4 stroke engine max 6 Pax.
Each boat  NOK 3500 pr week  ex petrol.

Kræmmervika has the European record for cod taken by fishing rod;
the record- cod weighed 33,92 kg and was caught in our waters
in April 2003.            

Some of the best fishing places in Lofoten are just outside our camp.
One of the most famous areas are in connection with the current
between the islands of Vestvågøy and Flakstad.
If you are interested in freshwater fishing, there are several lakes
within walking distance from your cottage. Fishing license can be
bought at the reception.

            You’ll stay in original cottages most of them dating before 1880.

We also have a renovated house with living facilities for 12 people.

            In connection with the camp, we have a pub, restaurant and also a sauna with a hot tub.


Fishermen cottage – Rorbu



Rorbu with extra high standard. 1- 3 bedrooms.
(Rorbu 152829)


Rorbu with 6 beds, 3 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, Shower and toilet
(Rorbu 1221232530)


Rorbu sleeping  5 – 7. 2 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, Shower and toilet.
(Rorbu nr 31120242627, 50)


Rorbu sleeping max 8, 1 bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, Shower and toilet
(Rorbu nr 25 og 6


Rorbu sleeping 4 with combined bedroom/livingroom, fully equipped kitchen, Shower and toilet.
(Rorbu 9)


Rorbu sleeping 2 – 3 with combined bedroom/livingroom, fully equipped kitchen,
shower and toilet.
(Rorbu 141022


”Tungskjærer” is similar to rorbu type ”Skårunge”,
but has limited kitchen facilities.
(Rorbu nr 7 og 8)


            “Jens Haldorsen”-house has 6 double rooms,
2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room.

The house is a renovated fishermans house and is ideal for groups up to 12 people.

FRØYDISHUSETFrøydishuset has a large kitchen and living room. Modern bath and 4 bedrooms.

Frøydishuset  is an original ”Lofoten” – house moved from Borg (the viking centre) in 1999, and is
ideal for groups up to 8 people.


 Info and how to make a reservation
Do you need more info, or do you want to make a reservation for accommodation in Lofoten?
Please, contact us:

Tel: +47 76 06 09 20
Fax:  +47 76 06 09 26

Click at the photo for a bigger map
Click at the photo for a bigger map

How do I get to Kræmmervika?

By airplane: 

Multiple daily connection from Bodø.
For more info:

By the coastal express (Hurtigruten):

North bound: Daily from Bodø 1500 – arriving Stamsund 1900.
South bound: Daily from Svolvær arriving Stamsund 2100. Departing for Bodø at 2130

The coastal express corresponds with public bus to Ballstad.

By Ferry:

From Bodø : The ferry goes to Moskenes several times daily.
From Skutvik : The ferry goes to Svolvær several times daily

By car:

You can either use the coastal express or the two ferry connections from Bodø or Skutvik.
If you arrive from the Northern part of Norway, you may follow the E6
via Vesterålen and take the ferry from Melbu – Fiskebøl.

For more specific information on timetables or prices, please see , or return to Lofoten Adventure.

Arjasauna Club


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The region around Lofotodden Point is characterized with a narrow shore, steep mountain structures along with the powerful tidal currents which flow between the islands.

– Among the world’s most powerful tidal currents

Between the islands of Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy, Moskenesøy, Mosken and Værøy, we find powerful tidal currents such as the Nappstraumen, Sundstraumen and possibly the most well-known of all of them, the Maelstrom, known locally as Moskstraumen.The Maelstrom (Moskstraumen) and also the oceans to the west of the Lofoten Headland are renowned and admired for centuries. First explained 2,000 decades back by the Greek historian, Pytheas, and afterward by such renowned authors as Petter Dass, Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne, it has also emerged on countless sea graphs accompanied by frightening warnings and illustrations. This stretch of water, rich as it’s with fish, has formed the foundation for settlements for centuries. Whether viewed as an incredible all-natural phenomenon, or as a destination for a fishing excursion, the Maelstrom will supply you with a memorable encounter.
Adventure excursions by ship into the Refsvikhula Cave, passing through the Maelstrom. Scheduled trips many times weekly from May 1 to September 30. Also available to classes throughout the off-season, by previous arrangement.

3,000-Year-old cave paintings

A trip to the 50 metre tall and 115 metre deep Refsvikhula Cave is a trip to the mysticism of yesteryear. This colossal cave is awe-inspiring even to a lot of travellers, and also the encounter is emphasised from the enigmatic characters sketched on the walls of this cave by cavemen, more than three million years ago.The characters were found in 1986 by archaeology students from the University of Tromsø.
Adventure excursions by ship many times every week through the summer. Also available to classes throughout the off-season, by previous arrangement.

The cave south of this village of Napp is composed of a powerful overhang, 70 metres deep and 22 metres tall. This is the earliest known Stone Age settlement in Lofoten. In the cave you will find thick layers of waste made from the Stone Age individuals letting us see their 5500 year history.Archaeologists discovered fishing tackle, spear and arrowheads, knives, axes, bone piercing, potsherds and ceramics, etc.. Bone remnants bear witness to some fascinating and diverse diet and comprise the remains of several species of shellfish and fish, 16 distinct creatures and no less than 37 species of creatures. Human bones have been also discovered.

A wooden deck under your toes on board a fishing smack on the Vestfjord; hauling cod, haddock and coley, wolf fish or tusk within the gunwale – the green hills of the Lofoten Wall in the background. The fishermen of Flakstad and Moskenes want you welcome aboard to get a flavor of the everyday life!
Fishing excursions from Å and Reine.

The Reinefjorden — Troll-like hills and mountains (Midnight Sun).

For centuries, the natural environment and distinctive civilization of Lofoten have attracted artists to its beaches to operate and create. Local artists, also, have been motivated by the rugged countryside and excellent light. There are quite a few stimulating musicians and artists in the area, such as a glassblower plus a ceramist at Vikten, a silversmith at Nusfjord, a fabric artist and metalworker at Ramberg, a blacksmith in Sund and painters in Sørvågen. An intriguing and vibrant meeting with all the inventive artists of Lofoten, a meeting which can leave its mark on you.

Numerous intriguing museums supply you with a fantastic insight into the local history, from life at the fishing village along with also the Lofoten Fishery, into the creation and selling of stockfish, a journey back to youth with North American European and Norwegian children’s civilization, the motorization of the fishing fleet within the previous 100 decades and cod and telecommunications — the reason why Lofoten was going to become such an significant part Northern and European ancestral history.

Enjoy magnificent countryside at easy-going or much more rocky terrain, everything from mountaineering with scenic views, to fishing in new mountain lakes.We are pleased with our hills and we would like to decrease the level of wear and tear in our exposed countryside. We’ve therefore researched and cairned only chosen paths and paths which we attempt to keep by paving them with stones in particular locations. We recommend you to follow these paths when walking from the hills.

The sun brings out the wonderful colors that the submerged landscape has to offer you. Calm and peaceful motion throughout the kelp will cause you to feel at one with nature. Crabs, hermit crabs, starfish and snails live their hectic lives down there since the fish lie there like a blanket over the kelp.

northern lights in lofoten

Diving All year round

Fantastic organic environment, striking mountain ridges, wrecks and tunnels are merely a few of the items you may encounter under water from the Land of the Midnight Sun. Floating weightlessly such as an eagle over the coral reefs adds the finishing touch to the experiences that can make your stay in Lofoten an ideal one.


Lofoten is a wonderful destination for cyclists. Cycling delivers the freedom and time to have a better look at life in a lively fishing village, also to enjoy wild and fantastic countryside. Breathe from the odor of the ocean and hear the seagulls cry because you roll slowly by. In case you choose to go on a midnight sunshine ride, then you’ll be cycling nearly all alone, in total peace and quiet. Guided biking tours will also be possible. History and a small exercise haven’t hurt anybody. Bikes available for rent in numerous places in Moskenes. Have a fantastic ride!


If you’re wondering what it’s like to throw in paradise, you ought to try biking here. We’ve got fjords and beaches which may take anyone’s breath away. It’s possible to experience nature at close quarters here, and plenty of animal life as you glide through the water. Using a kayak you may access tiny coves and fjords, and encounter involving older wharves and ships with no trouble. It’s not without reason that Lofoten was voted among the planet’s best kayak destinations.

NB: You shouldn’t paddle alone in such surroundings.Make sure that you have the essential safety gear with you constantly. Check the weather predictions and speak to some locals who snore in the region. Bear in mind, there are powerful currents and also a significant gap between low and high tide. If you’re a small in doubt, it’s also possible to employ a guide or possess your entire trip organised. To paddle by yourself, you ought to possess a “wet card” certification.

Moskenes delivers panoramic character experiences in both simple and more demanding terrain from the surrounding mountains. Join a local guide about the best mountain biking: beautiful panoramic views from Mount Reinebringen, midnight sun trips to Bunes, or a rise into Lofoten’s second greatest summit, Hermannsdalstinden (1029 m asl). Let our guides direct you to our civilization, character and geology.

Winter at Lofoten

Enjoy the air of the famous Lofoten Fishery plus a few magnificent winter scene. Adventure excursions by ship include both fishing around the seas of Lofoten and deep-sea rafting. Try new, steaming cod, liver and roes and other yummy meals after an exciting day at sea. Stay in a cozy marine environment.

When you’ve had enough of this sea, there’s some fantastic ski terrain here, with mountain cottages on both of those islands of Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy. The Dark Season, stormy weather, the most mysterious light of spring, the more delicate flutter of the Northern Lights over the jagged peaks of Lofoten: the Fishing Village Realm is also the kingdom of winter vacations.

Geology paths in Vikten

One of the geological happenings in Vikten, we locate the stones and boulders near the Glassblower’s Cabin, the regional moraines, and a range of different things which could possibly be observed when after both intriguing paths called the Morenestien along with the Tangrandstien.


Birdlife from the Lofoten Islands is diverse and intriguing. More than 140 species are sighted in Moskenes and Flakstad, a lot of which can be arbitrary people which happen as a result of character and location of those islands.

Warm, calm summertime, bright summertime at the light of the Midnight Sun, north-easterly snow storms with katabatic winds, dead calm winter evenings together with the Northern Lights dancing enigmatically through the night skies over snow-white Lofoten mountains.

Lofoten supplies you with the whole range of climatic conditions

STIK Clique Inspiration with Designer Christina Fagan

Christina Fagan is the creator and leader knitting officer of Sh*t I Knit (STIK). STIK began as a silly site in faculty but turned into something actual in February 2015 when her unwanted business become a full-fledged small business. Are you currently a part of this STIK Clique yet?

What does it mean for you to be a manufacturer?

I enjoy making things with my hands, and having the ability to sit down with a few arbitrary stuff and finish with a final product is really cool. Being a “manufacturer” is this a cool thing nowadays using the DIY motion, but I am so happy that it is something I have always enjoyed performing. I can not sit still, so I am thankful I have discovered something productive to do with my hands once I have to.

My mother taught me how to knit once I was ten, and it has always been a passion of mine. In addition, I have something of a watch about what people need, therefore I have always concentrated on creating bits that are on trend. I believe that mix has propelled me to the knitwear area.

I actually like to create things I wish to wear. You could say I’m pretty preppy, also that I enjoy classic lines and chunky knits. In addition, I enjoy watching how other knitwear designers are taking risks, which compels me to try new items: larger pom-poms, brighter colours, new lines, etc.. In the conclusion of the afternoon, I truly prefer to design things I wish to use, but I believe my preference changes all the time. Learn more about knitting tips and ideas.

How can you keep up a creative life?

It is not always simple! In the last year, an individual may feel that I have been swimming in imaginative bliss, even when in fact running your own business means coping with a great deal of daily sh*t which isn’t too creative in any way. In addition, I prefer to change it up–I have a ceramics course where I could toss bowls for hours and only let my mind wander.

Fagan’s Trowbridge Beanie portrayed in Bright Blue.

How have you ever made a public character from a craft?

During Instagram, I have been able to produce a voice to your brand that reaches tens of thousands of followers. I have been in a position to invent an authentic narrative around the craft of knitting, which has been demonstrated to be interesting enough for people to follow along within the previous year. I do a good deal of public relations outreach, and that I associate with a lot of bloggers to discover new audiences.

What do you really desire the STIK Clique along with other crafters to get out of your job?

2 things: I need people to smile when they hear our new, and that I need them to appreciate the products which we make. I hear a good deal of comments from our clients that they get stopped on the road whenever they are wearing one of our hats.

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